A symposium aimed at serving the development of Early Stage Career researchers in the study of the interactions of therapeutic macromolecules with biological barriers

Symposium registrations costs:  PhD / Post-Doctoral

researchers £195;  Academics £245; Industry £450.

Includes three nights accommodation

(Saturday 26th June -Monday 28th June inclusive), breakfast and lunches, a Welcome reception and Symposium dinner.

Abstract Deadline:  April 2nd  2010

Registration Deadline: April  23rd  2010


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For further information & provisional enquiries

email: CDTM@cardiff.ac.uk

Organisers :

Mark Gumbleton & Arwyn T. Jones

Welsh School of Pharmacy, Cardiff University


Latest Confirmed speakers:  Topic area

Erwin London (USA):  Plasma membrane domains - biophysical perspectives

Paul Luzio (UK): Intracellular sorting

Jörgen Weshe (NO): Endosomal escape: lessons from FGF1

Frank Szoka (USA): Cytoplasmic delivery with bioresponsive liposomes

Ernst Wagner (DE): Polyplexes and cell interactions

Tore-Geir Iversen (NO): Endocytosis and trafficking of nanoparticles

Andrew Baker (UK): Engineered Viral drug delivery systems

E. Sally Ward (USA): Intracellular trafficking of the IgG receptor, FcRn

Jan Schnitzer (USA):  Vascular mapping & tissue specific therapy

William Banks (USA):  Protein and nucleic acid transport & Blood Brain Barrier

Sandrine Sagan (Fr): Cellular dynamics of  CPPs and CPP-cargo

Gilles Divita (Fr): In-vitro/In-vivo correlations for CPP-based delivery vectors

Ted Parton (UK): Pegylated antibody fragments: an industrial perspective

David Rozema (USA): Modular polymer platforms for systemic delivery of siRNA

Cameron Alexander (UK): Polymer architecture for intracellular delivery

There will also be three Technique sessions  and two delegate Poster sessions

Technique session #1:  Olav Schiemann (UK)  “EPR Spectroscopy”

Technique session #2:  Werner Wittke (DE)  “TIRF Microscopy”

Technique session #3:  Dries Vercauteren (BE) “Inhibiting endocytic pathways”

Abstracts to be published in the journal (click below): http://www.drugdiscoverytoday.com/
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